ZINNIA Gift Of Seeds - Floral Alchemy
ZINNIA Gift Of Seeds - Floral Alchemy

ZINNIA Gift Of Seeds

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A sweet and thoughtful gift which keeps on giving, this eco-friendly greeting card includes a packet of Zinnia flower seeds. Wish a friend or loved one ‘Hooray’ for any occasion be it a birthday, new job, new baby, anniversaries or engagement with this gift that grows and keeps on giving.

Zinnia’s are a bright & cheerful flower that grows easily from seed and will provide a massive burst of colour in the garden. Sow in spring and summer in a nice, sunny position, at a depth of 5mm.

This gift of seeds is embellished with stunning illustrations created by Daniella Germain. Each packet comes with a unique plastic plant label and sowing instructions are printed on the inside of the packet.

- Includes an illustrative, non-toxic and 100% recyclable plastic plant label to mark where your seeds are planted
- Comes with a recycled kraft envelope
- Australian made, 100% recycled

Seed variety: Zinnia Elegans.