Floral Styling at Home

Choosing the right flowers for your space can be a fun and creative process, but also a little daunting for those without experience. We've put together a list of design tips to help you select the right flowers to complement and uplift the atmosphere of your home or office!




1. Consider the style and theme of your space:

Look at the colours, patterns, and textures in your room. You may wish to highlight these aspects of your space by using flowers of a similar feel (for example, sleek white tulips or calla lilies in a modern, minimalist room), or contrast by using flowers that add texture and movement, such as mixed natives. If there's a gorgeous painting in the room you'd love to draw attention to, perhaps pick 1 or 2 colours in the artwork and select flowers to match.


2. Think about the mood you want to create:

Flowers can evoke different moods depending on their colour and style. For example, bright and bold flowers like sunflowers or dahlias can create a cheerful and energetic atmosphere, while soft and delicate flowers like roses or hyacinth can create a romantic and calming atmosphere.

3. Consider the temperature:

Many flowers are sensitive to heat, while others thrive. In a very warm space, consider using hardy tropicals or natives instead of soft roses or dahlias. 

4. Consider the size of your space:

Choose flowers that are appropriate for the size of your space. For example, large arrangements of flowers may overpower a small room, while a small vase of flowers may get lost in a large room. A tall vase of lush foliage is going to be more impactful in a large office space, than a small posy of flowers. Some fragrant blooms may be overwhelming in a small, confined area. When arranging flowers for a dining table, consider whether your guests can see over them.

5. Choose flowers that are in season: 

Seasonal flowers are more cost-effective, eco-friendly & fresher than those that have travelled interstate (or imported from overseas). In addition, there are many varieties that only have a short season, so we recommend enjoying them while you can!


6. Most importantly, pick your favourites.

Ultimately, the best flowers for your space are varieties that make your heart sing! All flowers have their place, and while we can consider the above design elements when selecting our blooms, it can be intuitive process.


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