Eco Practices at Floral Alchemy

At Floral Alchemy, we aim to be as eco-conscious as possible. We implement the following sustainable practices:

  • stocking Australian/NZ brands that share our ethos - our Bath & Body products and Chocolate are vegan and organic, our Cards are made with recycled paper, and our Candles are hand-poured into reclaimed vessels.
  • use of eco-friendly products when cleaning our studio space, vases & buckets.
  • we limit our use of floral foam, using only when absolutely necessary. Our daily gift arrangements are proudly foam free.
  • hydrating our garden with water no longer needed.
  • separating our waste into cardboard & soft plastics to be recycled, and disposing of organics back into the earth.
  • we limit our use of imported, preserved or dyed products, buying locally grown whenever possible.
  • we refrain from excessive use of packaging - this means reusable containers, recycled glassware, recycled stationery, degradable plastic (where possible) and minimal wrapping, avoiding the use of cellophane. Our gift-bags and ribbons are left without branding so they can be used again, and the jars we sell at Market Fair are reused food jars donated by locals.
  • minimal use of paper - one of the benefits of being an online florist, we rarely print orders/invoices.