Fun Upcycle Ideas for Candle Vessels

So you've finished burning your Wine Bottle Candle and are wondering... what to do with this funky little vessel? The fine folks at Mojo Candle Co have 5 fun ideas for upcycling your reclaimed wine bottle, and instructions on how to clean it first.

Cleaning Your Vessel

All you need is some hot kettle water and a sturdy bench.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT place the candle into microwave to melt wax. Wick bases are metal and should never be placed into a microwave.

Make sure your glass vessel isn’t too cold, the hot water could make it shatter. It should be at least at room temperature.

Pour the water into the vessel and watch the magic happen. The water will melt the wax making it rise to the surface.

Leave for at least 30 minutes to allow water to cool, then pop out your wax disk.

If you have a wax warmer at home, you’ve just made your very own wax melt! Alternatively you can place them into a paper bag and sit them inside the wardrobes or draws as a DIY air freshener.

Upcycling Ideas

1) Vase

reuse candle vessel to create a vase

2) Planter

reuse candle vessel to create planter

3) Pantry Storage

reuse candle vessel to create pantry storage

4) Drinking Glass

reuse your candle vessel to create a drinking glass

5) Desk Organiser

upcycle your candle vessel as desk storage


All images provided by Mojo Candle Co.