New Scents by Mojo Candle Co

This month we've added a few new products to our Candle Collection. Mojo Candle Co have collaborated with Hillybilly Cider to bring you two new fragrances, and have also a released an Australiana range that complements our flower arrangements perfectly!


Hillybilly Cider Candles

Hand-poured into reclaimed cider bottles, these soy candles are sustainable, stylish & heavily fragranced. Complete with a wood wick and natural cork topper, these funky little candles have a 30+ hour burn time.

BONFIRE Pull up a Hillbilly log and take a seat around the bonfire with this hearty, smoke-scented candle. It is lovingly blended with a range of wood base notes, rounded out with vanilla, patchouli and a hint of fruit.

MULLED APPLE CIDER - Our personal favourite, this fruity, spicy blend is boosted with essential oils of cinnamon bark, clove leaf and nutmeg combined with tangy apple and a light citrus top note. 


Australiana Soy Candles - Montrose Flower Delivery & Gift Delivery

This new range features four new scents, each evoking memories of iconic Australian botanicals. These sustainable beauties are a little larger than the Hillbilly Cider candles, with a 50+ hour burn time, and are hand-poured into reclaimed wine bottles.

Our BUSHWALK, AUSTRALIS & GONDWANA designs showcase the unique floral textures of our great southern land, and pair perfectly with this latest collection by Mojo. Check out our 'Australian Natives' section here.

KAKADU PLUM - The native Kakadu Plum comes right from the heart of Australia and has been used in traditional medicines by indigenous people for centuries. More recently it's been discovered as having an extremely high nutritional value being ranked as the highest source of Vitamin C in the world! It is also known to be an amazing source of Anti-oxidants and has anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. We love the Mojo Kakadu Plum candle for it's luscious fruity, sweet fragrance and all of its wonderful history.

BOTTLEBRUSHVibrant in colour and distinctive in appearance, the bottlebrush flower attracts native birds and its abundant foliage is beautifully fragrant with earthy, sweet tones making it a perfect addition to the Australiana collection.

WILDFLOWERS - Colourful, hardy and beautifully fragrant. We are blessed with some of the most visually stunning flora in the world and their ability to survive thousands of years in our harsh Australian bushland through flood, fire and drought is a testament to their incredible resilience and Australian spirit.

MIMOSA WATTLE - Vibrant & Golden, this fluffy yellow wattle is our national floral emblem.  This incredibly versatile native plant can withstand Australia's droughts, winds and bushfires and its resilience is believed to be a reflection of the Australian people. Indigenous people have enjoyed the benefits of the Mimosa wattle for its honey & medicinal purposes for thousands of years. We love the Mojo Mimosa Wattle candle for it's earthy, clean fragrance and is the perfect celebration of our unique Australian native flora.


Keep an eye out for our next blog that shows how you can repurpose your Mojo Candle jar after use! Pop on over to the Sustainability section to learn more.